• Access to a broad network of specialised recruitment agencies and potential candidates within all industry sectors globally.
  • Support and guidance in driving the client's recruitment agency Preferred Supplier List (PSL).
  • Single partner with APC acting on behalf of all registered recruitment agencies.
  • APC to manage invoicing and payment process on behalf of recruitment agencies, based on agreed client fees applicable.
  • Ensured recruitment agency adherence to agreed client terms and conditions.
  • Management of communication flow with both clients and recruitment agencies throughout the application process.
  • Verification and standardised transmission of candidate applications in accordance with the client's preferences (including cover sheet with candidate summary data & recruitment agency contact details).
  • Support with interview organisation.
  • Comprehensive onboarding & payroll services for contract placements.
  • Standardised and tailored reporting formats on recruitments agency activities, success rates and client KPIs.


  • Centralised access on CHPORT.COM to a multitude of client approved permanent, fixed-term and contracting vacancies.
  • User-friendly portal to manage all candidate applications.
  • No APC fees unless successful candidate placements, search order or pre-agreed additional recruitment agency services apply.
  • Speedy transmission of candidate data to clients in adherence with locally applicable labour laws.
  • Ongoing support and prompt handling of all recruitment agency queries.
  • Management of invoicing and payment process.